Buy Wool

ULLKONTORET also sells washed Swedish wool by the bale. Please note: For smaller quantities of wool, roving and needle felting quality, go to the ”Webshop” tab. 

After the wool has been washed, it is sent on to the drying room where we dry it in two steps. The dry wool is then conveyed [blown] to the warehouse where it is stored for a few days, where it gets back its springiness/elasticity before it is pressed and baled in jute.

At the moment we have the following wool types by the bale:

  • Gotland Grey Ewe’s Wool
  • Gotland Grey Lambswool
  • Gotland Dark Grey Lambswool
  • White Wool from Cross-bred Sheep
  • White Wool from Leister-breed
  • Cross-bred White Wool with Leicester and Fine
  • Cross-bred Brown Wool with Fine

For price and delivery information, email: