Sell Wool

We purchase bulk wool and pay according to quality. The cleaner the wool, the better the price. Lambswool fetches a better price than adult ewe’s wool, and wool from the fall sheering is better quality than the wool from spring sheerings. We will come and collect the wool if the quantities justify it (sort and bundle please). Or, you are welcome to bring your wool to Endre!

  1. Mimimize staw and other organic material in the wool
  2. Sort felted wool
  3. Under-belly wool should not be mixed with other wool
  4. Pack white wool separately from coloured wool
  5. Store wool in a dry and well-ventilated place

It is important is to minimise and remove as much vegtable matter as possible from the wool. Straw and seed heads do not come out in the wash, whereas normal dirt and grime on the top layer of the fleece do wash out.

To avoid getting straw and other organic material in the wool, do not let the sheep walk over new straw directly before sheering. Instead, wait to spread new straw until after sheering is completed. Do not sheer sheep when they are wet with rain.

Make sure that the sheering area is clear of straw and other dirt so that fine wool does not become contaminated during sheering. Do not feed the animals on the day of sheering in order to minimize manure in the processing area. It is also easier for the sheerers if the sheep’s stomach is empty when the animal is manipulated during the process of sheering.

Ask the sheerers to remove and collect the underbelly wool separately. Underbelly wool is oftern dirty and matted and is of a lesser quality than the rest of the wool. Also try to remove clumps from rump wool as well as colour markings.

Sheer the white wool first and keep it separately. It is important that dark fibres do not get mixed in with the white wool. White wool mixed with grey is not a problem.

We prefer to accept the wool in the metal containers that we provide. This makes it considerably easier for us to process, and hopefully for you as well. The wool can also be transported in bulk or packaged in large sacks for delivery. Smaller quantities may be delivered in paper bags.

Please keep the wool dry and store it in a well-ventilated area.